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Code 8 lead flat roof repairs

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This was a straight forward part of a larger job. There were two defective sections of lead on the roof that were soon going to crack and allow water through. We cut out the defective areas and lead burned new lead patches on.

The defective areas before work commenced.

Defective lead cut out and area swept clean.

You cannot lead burn at all until all oxidization has been scraped off the lead (both the new lead and the old).

These last three pictures show the completed work. The area is now safe from leaks.

Spire general maintenance: pointing, timber louvre painting, weathervane painting. lightning conductor repairs

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This work was carried out in 2018 and involved lots of general maintenance work.

The first task was to do quite a lot of raking out, followed by hydraulic lime pointing. This was unusually difficult and time consuming due to the concave flutings that run all the way down the spire.

All of the timber louvre windows were prepared and painted.

The weathervane (finial) was prepared and painted with a high quality metallic based exterior paint (£70 per 1 litre at time of purchase).

The lightning conductor had been vandalised. The local idiots had tried, and failed, to tear it off the wall to sell it for scrap. We removed the damaged section and replaced it with 25mm x 3mm copper to match the existing (over time the new copper tape will oxidize and become green like the existing tape).

This is the damaged section.

The same area once repairs had been completed.

Floodlights maintenance

We regularly carry out the changing of blown floodlight bulbs in sports grounds. Below you willsee some pictures of one of these contracts in progress

Also, when requested we carry out photographic surveys for the electricians in charge of the equipment. It’s sometimes necessary to diagnose the root cause of the fault when simply replacing a bulb doesn’t get the lighting back on.

We will also take care of any other tasks requested (wiring under an electricians guidance for example). Basically, when working on flood-lights, we carry out the wishes of the electrician on site.