BCM Roofing Services

Over the years slating and other roofing work has steadily become a larger part of our business. It now accounts for around 50% of our annual turnover. We are kept particularly busy with slate patching work on high, steep, and awkward church roofs. We also carry out strip and reslate jobs on all manner of roofs high and low.

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Click on the following link to be taken to a 2021 case study showing a re-slating job provoked by Storm Arwen.

Slate patching and gutter cleaning job on a huge Dundee roof.

On roofs such as this our access methods offer very significant cost savings. A traditional roofing company would need a massive full scaffold up to gutter level right around the perimeter of this building to allow them to reach all of the slated pitches – and that scaffold would cost far more than we charged for the entire job.

A cherry picker is out of the question here as the ground is too soft on one side and on the others the roads would need closed and cannot be (this is a common problem for cherry pickers and other powered access machines). Another problem with cherry pickers is the basket bounces up and down with the roofers weight because it’s mounted on a long boom. This smashes up slates under it. We have had to patch this kind of damage multiple times. Most commonly it’s a straight line of cracked up slates all the way along the bottom of a slated pitch.

Our access is fast and light and does not damage the roof.

A very large Rosemary tile patching job carried out in Glasgow.

We have a full case study on this job which you can visit by clicking on the following link – Glasgow Rosemary tile patching contract.

Slate patching a large roof in Edinburgh city centre.

A similar slate patching contract to the one above – this one is in the West of Scotland.

Getting near the top of a pitch during a full strip and reslate contract just off the High Street in Edinburgh.

The above pitch after we finished and removed the access.

Slate patching an awkward dormer.

A small strip and reslate on an ancient building in Leuchars, Fife. We are finishing off the hydraulic lime mortar skew around the new slate work.

Steeplejack access techniques are very useful for slate patching. This section of roof is above a high valley at Hawthornden Castle near Rosewell and Bonnyrigg.

It would have been very expensive to get a scaffold up here for traditional slating contractors. We were able to deal with this area of roof in a days work.

Slate patching on a domestic roof in Edinburgh

Another large slate patching and gutter cleaning job on a church roof.

Trade skills at height. All Scotland covered.