Welcome to our website.

There is a huge amount of our work shown within this site. We hope you will take the time to look through it as viewing the work is going to tell you much more about what we do than what’s written here. Every company tells you they are great. What’s the point of reading the text?

This is a steeplejack company that still does steeplejack jobs (spires and chimneys) but since there is less of that work available now, we are morphing into a trades / conservation contractor with extremely good access skills. We can, and do, carry out work, to a high standard, that would normally require a specialised sub-contractor, without the extra cost of the sub-contractor or the normally required expensive scaffold.

We have been trading, under the same management, since 2001, and we have built a good reputation.

We hope you find the site interesting, and once again we hope you take some time to sift through it, as there’s a lot to see.

Trade skills at height. All Scotland covered.