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Lead roof vent (lead burning & slating)

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This page shows the fabrication and installation of a lead roof vent which will, once a plumber has been to site, vent two bathrooms.

The vent was installed on a high castle roof but no scaffold costs were incurred as we do not need scaffold for this kind of work.

Access, leadwork and slating were all handled by BCM Steeplejacks – no subcontractors were required, which helps to keep costs down.

This picture shows the vent on the bench during fabrication. The plastic pipe inside the outer lead pipe is there to give the plumber something to connect onto inside the attic.

Still on the bench but nearly complete.

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Code 8 lead flat roof repairs

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This was a straight forward part of a larger job. There were two defective sections of lead on the roof that were soon going to crack and allow water through. We cut out the defective areas and lead burned new lead patches on.

The defective areas before work commenced.

Defective lead cut out and area swept clean.

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