Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection is an extremely important aspect of high level work. A strike on any unprotected structure can have devastating consequences.

Our lightning protection systems are installed to exacting standards and meet all the requirements of the relevant British Standards: B.S. 6651 and B.S. 7430.

A new lightning conductor installation on the spire at Culter, near Biggar.

Equipment for testing a systems resistance to earth. All our systems are tested to ensure they meet the required standards.

B-bond attachment at the head of a spire. The stainless steel that the lightning conductor is bonded to has been buffed clean of paint to ensure a good electrical connection. There is another tape on the opposite side of the spire which cannot be seen from this angle. BS 6651 requires that two downtapes be installed on chimneys, church spires, masts, etc, which are higher than 20 metres.

Trade skills at height. All Scotland covered.