We have all the skills required for the fast and safe demolition of a huge variety of structures, including chimneys, industrial buildings, high awkward roofs, structural steelwork and masonry.

Recent demolition of a brick stack. A man access basket was used for access and also as an anchor point for harnesses.

Contract to remove all wall and roof cladding sheets from an industrial shed.

This is the above shed after all the sheets were removed. The scissor lift we used throughout the job is in the foreground.

Large contract in Aberdeen. Seven internal floors had to be removed from the centre of a large apartment store. These floors consisted of very heavy timber, supported by even heavier steelwork.

The job was done efficiently, safely, and within the time constraints set by the main contractor.

A large and very labour intensive job to take down part of the perimeter wall at Marishchal College in Aberdeen.

This picture shows the top of the wall near the start of the contract. Every single one of these large granite stones was numbered (some of the markings show here) so that the wall could be rebuilt in future. Once we completed the job we submitted a full numbering diagram which showed exactly where each and every stone came from.

This job had to be done fast. The client set a date by which the wall absolutely had to be down. We completed well ahead of that date.


Trade skills at height. All Scotland covered.