Gutter & Downpipe clearing

Many structures have high or awkward to reach gutters that still require regular clearing or unblocking. Scaffolding a building just to do this would be a very expensive option and often cherry pickers just can not reach areas due to ground conditions below.

We use steeplejack access methods to get up onto the structure above and then we have various options at our disposal for moving around the building cleaning the gutters and downpipes. Probably the most common access technique we use here is rope access (abseiling).

When downpipes are too blocked to be cleared by traditional methods like plumbers springs or drain rods we bring in a pressure jetting contractor and work in conjunction with him to get all rainwater goods flowing again.

A standard example of gutter clearing using rope access. The high gutter has already been cleared and the lower gutter is being dealt with.

Another gutter clearing job.

This gutter was completely blocked by leaves and silt and the resulting problem is obvious. Lots of algae staining down the corner and the wall is soaking due to water overflowing from the front and the back of the gutter. We left the gutter and downpipe in full working order again.

It’s particularly harmful when water overflows from the back of a gutter as this can cause huge amounts of water to flow into the building and destroy internal decoration, cause rot, etc.

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