Sinclair Scaffold – near Wick, Caithness, Highland

This contract took place at Sinclair Girnigoe Castle near Wick in the Highlands. It was an important part of a large restoration project involving archaeological excavation, rebuilding works, and masonry consolidation and stabilisation.

The free standing chimney stack seen in the picture below was the first area to receive serious attention, and the first part of the task was to construct a scaffold to serve three purposes:

  • Stabilise the stack to prevent any possibility of collapse.
  • Protect the archaeologists (who will be carrying out excavations directly underneath the stack) from any falling masonry.
  • Allow repairs to the stack to be carried out.

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This is how the structure looked before work began.

Before construction of the main scaffold could start it was necessary to build a scaffold bridge, to allow materials to be transported to the site.

This picture was taken during the very first stage of construction.

We are building the towers which will support the main deck.

The main unit beam carrier beams in position.

 The main deck now fully built and part boarded.

 Erecting the uprights which will carry the upper lifts of the scaffold.

Continuing up.

 The scaffold is now beginning to take shape.

 Because of the unusual design of the scaffold it required securely anchored heavy steel wire rope guys to be fitted to all 4 corners.

This shot shows us drill fixing an anchor for one of the guy ropes into the cliff.

Nearly complete.

Here you can see the high section of the scaffold viewed from the walkway which goes around the perimeter of the deck.

Another view of the completed scaffold.

An aerial view of the completed scaffold.

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