Elba Suspension Bridge Construction

Due to the success of our suspension bridge construction near Earlston, we were asked to dismantle and rebuild another (this bridge is fairly close to Duns in the Scottish Borders). A case study on the other contract can be found here.

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This picture shows the old bridge. It was not in good condition and replacement was necessary.

The dismantling and reconstruction were not separate tasks. First the new suspension wires were fitted and tensioned. Then we simply dismantled the first short section of the old bridge and replaced it with an equivalent length section of the new deck. This process was continued until we had replaced the entire structure.

In this shot we are about halfway across.

Another view showing how the new deck gradually replaced the old. Here a new frame is being installed (these galvanised steel frames carry the timber deck and the handrails).

The old deck has now been completely replaced by the new, and the timber “stringers” that will carry the decking planks have been installed.

The deck is now fully installed, the bridge carrier cables have all been adjusted to the correct tension, and here we are drilling holes for the safety wires that will run along the sides of the bridge (these will prevent children, small dogs, etc, from falling under the main handrail).

The bridge is now complete.

The safety wires are installed, the timber handrail has been fitted and sanded, and the original columns have been thoroughly descaled and painted with a 3 coat epoxy paint system to prevent future rust problems.

 The completed bridge.

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